Our Fees

Our Fee Difference


No Acquisition fees

No Disposition Fees (Exit Fees)
No Capital Event Fees (refinancing fees)
Total Savings


1.5%-5% up front (they get paid even if investors do not)
2% of gross sales proceeds

1% of the value of the new loan

4.5% to 8%

Total Savings 4.5% to 8%

We do not have entry and exit fees for our funds.

Our funds have a lock-up period of only one year. We believe giving more flexibility is key to long-term success for our clients and for our core business. Most real estate investments are not liquid, with the Peregrine Income Fund we give you quarterly liquidity. Additionally, SITG will cover 1031 exchange fees for investments of $500k or more.

A sponsor who is driven by fees, particularly if those fees are charged early on in the development life cycle, may not be as motivated to meet and exceed the business plan expectations. If a sponsor knows that they will earn a return regardless of how well they perform (due to these fees), it can inadvertently lead to a misalignment of interests. We invest alongside our clients in these projects because we believe in having skin in the game. This is where the majority of our returns come from. Aligning our interests with our investors, meaning we win when our investors win.

Our Success Is Your Success

Fund managers who invest in their own funds have a history of outperforming the market.

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