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Our private real estate funds provide tax efficiency, low volatility and diversification.

Peregrine Income Fund

Tax-efficient passive income with the security of a preferred investment.


Cambury Place Apartments

Cambury Place

A 160-unit Class B+ property situated within our portfolio in Houston. At an excellent acquisition price, Cambury offers income and appreciation potential at a low minimum investment.

Peregrine Growth Fund

Designed to diversify our equity holders across multiple projects and markets.

Generate More Passive Income

Lower risk doesn’t have to mean lower returns.

Yield Comparison

Peregrine Income Fund
Investment-Grade Bonds
U.S. Ten-Year Treasuries

Maximize your investment efforts

Multifamily investments have the best risk-adjusted return of any real estate class coupled with one of the lowest failure rates. This enables our investors to achieve a very desirable risk-reward return. Over the last 20 years, direct ownership has out performed any other real estate class, the stock market, bonds, and REITS. Not only did they outperform but it was 3-4 times less risky than REITs, as well as large and small cap stocks.

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