Plan For The Future


An opportunity zone property with unobstructed downtown Dallas views. The plan is to create between 160-190 units on a .9 acre property.

1701 S Akard

One block down from one of our current projects. Also within 1,000 ft of the DART station giving us a favorable parking ratio per PD 317. Build out 50-60 units 5 story wood frame.

AG Townhomes

Next door to our current project of 1601 S. Akarad. 19 townhomes being offered to us at less than 200/sq ft. Currently only at 73% occupancy

Ervay and Leer

66,000 sq ft property in an opportunity zone. Plan is to develop a mixed use property with a grocery story occupying most of the first level and 200 apartment units above. This would be the neighborhood's first grocery store.

Heights at Post Oak

940 unit property purchased in 2021 for 94M. It is currently being offered to us at 70M or 73k/door.

Cabo San Lucas

1062 unit property purchased for 100M in 2021. Currently being offered to us at 70M.

Our Key Purchasing Metrics

We currently have a presence in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, with projects coming soon in San Antonio. We plan to follow our due diligence process and expand to cities like Phoenix, Denver, and markets in Florida.

Employment Drivers

Strong employment drivers provide stable rental income and lower the risk of the investment by keeping the occupancy rates high. Corporate relocation trends help us identify markets with strong growth trends.

Diversified Metro Employment Markets

We look for markets with a highly diversified economy. This lowers the risk of any individual market hurting our investors overall growth.

Supply Constraints

The submarket must have high barriers to entry and a population growth sufficient enough to absorb the scheduled future supply of new apartments. Texas supply constraints in particular create a unique opportunity for us to help serve the communities needs.

Multifamily Rental Trends

Growing rents serve as an important indicator of a healthy and stable economy with lower associated risk of investment.

Multifamily Occupancy Trends

Healthy occupancy rates signal a growing population that is outpacing the current supply of new apartments. We look for these trends in both our primary and secondary markets.

Migration Trends

US migrations have increased the most since the Great Depression. Sunbelt cities have seen larger than average migrations and the US census believes this will continue for the next decade.

Why plan your future with us?

Our private real estate funds provide tax efficiency, low volatility and diversification.

20% Rule:

Direct multifamily real estate has outperformed the S&P by more than 60% since 2000. Using the “20% rule” where 20% of your portfolio is invested in alternatives like multifamily real estate helps earn greater returns and reduce volatility. Investors who invested using the 20% rule have earned about twice as much as investors who used a more traditional allocation.

Expansion plans:

I-35 corridor: San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Waco, Dallas-Ft. Worth, OKC, Tulsa, Kansas City,
Des Moines, Minneapolis.

Other markets being considered: Denver, Phoenix, Tampa.

How we create alpha:

Real estate markets are not as efficient as buying a share of Apple. You don’t have millions of eyes and analysts looking over the companies every move. The lack of efficiency gives us an advantage to find and build properties with additional alpha vs traditional markets.

We can lower your taxable income by investing in passive apartment deals

There are 3 types of depreciation that allow investors to lower taxes:
Cost segregation studies are performed on all of our assets and the tax benefits pass through to our investors via annual year end reporting on K1s.

Home Ownership is Significantly Dropping

Home Ownership is Significantly Dropping

Since its peak in the mid-2000s (see graph below), home ownership has been significantly dropping and it will continue to drop as millennials and the aging baby boomers want to stay mobile in the 21st century.

As home ownership is dropping, the population is continuing to increase which drives the demand for apartment living higher and higher.

But Population is Significantly Increasing

We are a Nation of Renters and it WILL Continue…

Apartment Vacancy Rates Remain Low Due To Increased Demand

Savvy Investors

Our Process is three-fold
Elite Partners
We connect our investors with an elite operator giving them access to preferred A shares from a portfolio worth more than $1 billion in multi-family assets. Secondly we give our investors an opportunity to invest in high-growth, and tax-efficient development projects in growing and stable markets.
We are vertically integrated with property management, construction and insurance handled in-house. This saves our investors millions, and provides additional realized return.
Diversification of Investments
As a business we believe diversification is key to long term success. Our core strategy as a business is to diversify across all class shares for multifamily. We are at our core asset managers not property managers. That’s why we leverage a current portfolio of 11 thousand units with an elite operator whose proven track record of over 30 years shows a strong value-adding process.

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