Real Estate Investing


Volatility is not an investor’s friend. The math of percentages shows that as losses get larger, the return necessary to recover to break-even increases at a much faster rate. A loss of 10 percent necessitates an 11 percent gain to recover. Increase that loss to 25 percent and it takes a 33 percent gain to get back to break-even. A 50 percent loss requires a 100 percent gain to recover and an 80 percent loss necessitates 500 percent in gains to get back to where the investment value started. (Source Zacks)

As the market fluctuates your investment with SITG stays steady. We have yet to lose a dime of our investors’ money. Over the last 10 years our fund has been able to pay a consistent 10% dividend, while the stock market is down over 20% for 2022 alone.

This is why we believe in consistent, predictable returns. Without having a negative return we give our investors a significant advantage over those who invest solely in the stock market